Words of Wisdom for your Financial Journey

Today, we share with you 5 priceless thoughts by these investment experts. We are sure this will inspire your financial journey forever.

“I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett Okay, so this comes from one of the richest men in the history of investment. But haven’t you also read something similar in our communications :. Dear investor, if you wish to turn your investment into wealth then you must know that one needs to invest when the markets are down, so you could find good value and not when the index hits high and makes everything expensive.
“The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.” – Ben Graham Been there, said that – didn’t we. A disciplined investor will never speculate. Speculation is akin to gambling and that’s the last thing we want you to do with your hard earned savings. Meet your investment objective with careful planning and selecting the right fund that will help you get there. Ignore market noise and focus on completion of your financial goal.
“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” – Robert Kiyosaki We have always emphasized on the fact that one needs to start investing from the time they get their first pay cheque. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, but how much to invest. Remember, investing your hard earned money helps it grow. Also a small start could potentially have a grand finale. Remember it should be Salary – Investments = Spends and not Salary – Spends = Investments
“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” – Paul Samuelson How much ever boring it might sound, that ‘boring’ stuff is exactly what would work for you in the long run. Long term investing in equity mutual fundsWill help you reach your financial goals better.
“Our favorite holding period is forever.” – Warren Buffett Markets are volatile in nature. The tendency of reading and reacting to short term market conditions in investing is detrimental to the health of one’s investing life! Not only does it end up robbing investors of returns but tends to discourage investors from making further investments. Investors who have burned their fingers are likely to distance themselves from stock markets forever and convince others too, if it were possible. Instead a good investor follows the Law of the Farm. For a great harvest a farmer must carefully plan, work consistently and diligently over a long period of time. This quote is valid especially in today’s day and age when the markets are running up and everyone seems to be making a beeline to invest in stocks. Don’t be hasty, check your risk appetite, do your homework and invest accordingly. The India growth story is decades long and the markets will see many bull (and bear) runs during this time. So invest for the long term. Invest wisely.

Angel Broking Account Opening Guide

Angel Broking Limited is one of the biggest and largest independent full-service broking houses in India. Moreover, it provides accurate and widespread data for each and every online share trader. Angel broking is a home for an independent database that covers the Indian online brokerage industry. They have experience of over two decades with an abundance of knowledge and expertise in the broking Industry. With great and high technology platforms that make the process hassle-free for their retail clients.

Angel Broking is a trading platform, which is seamless and safe for clients to use. Additionally, the trading platform helps to track online investment and provides expert research for traders who use technical analysis.

What is a Demat Account?
A Demat account is short for a “dematerialized account” which means stocks, bonds, shares are stored in electronic form rather than in physical or material form. Moreover, a Demat account can hold securities like:

Non-Convertible Debentures
Government Securities
Mutual funds that are traded on the Stock exchange
Benefits of a Demat Account
There are various benefits of using a Demat Account those are:

Traders can make any transaction happen at their convenience which is time-saving and convenient.
There is no risk of delays, forgery, theft, damage of the shares as they are no held in physical form and stored in electronic form.
There is no paperwork needed to register any transaction.
The single integrated platform where you hold both debt and equity.
The multiple communications are eliminated as the stakeholders are notified after every transaction.
Cost reduction as the cost of stamp duty is not present due to the holding of shares in electronic form.
How to Open A Demat Account (Online & Offline) with Angel broking
To avail all the benefits of a Demat account you need to open a Demat account by following these steps. The steps mentioned are for opening a Demat account in offline mode:

Step 1: Select A DP (Depository Participant)- You should first compare different benefits provided by different DPs and select the best one which is most suitable.
Step 2: Fill Application Form- Now after selecting a DP you need to fill up the application form for opening a new Demat account. You need to submit certain documents for KYC (Know Your Customer) those are:
Identity Proof
PAN Card
Address Proof
Bank Details
Personal details
Step 3: Verification Process- A list of certain rules will be provided to you that you need to follow. These rules will ensure that you do ethical and legal trading also these regulations will clear your doubts. The several functions of the Demat account will be mentioned in the list mentioned. Now DP will organize an in-person verification of your KYC documents and you. Payment of the fees is necessary which depends on your DP.
Step 4: Final Approval- After the in-person verification is completed the other final formalities will be completed and your brand new Demat account will be opened. You will receive a UID for your account.
The steps mentioned are for opening a Demat account in online mode:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Angel broking
Step 2: Fill out the form with details that are asked like your name, number, city, etc. Additionally, an OTP will be provided to you on your registered number.
Step 3: Enter the OTP in order to get the next form. In the next form, you have to fill out the form with details like
PAN card details,
contact details,
DOB, and
Bank details.
Step 4: Congratulations! Your account is now open. On your email and mobile, you will receive details of your Demat account.
KYC Documents
When you open an account with Angel broking you will need one proof of identity and one proof of address from the list given below:

Proof of identity

IT Returns
Voter’s ID
Divers’ license
ICAI, ICSI, ICWAI, etc issued id with photo
Phone Bill
Electricity bill
PAN Card
Photo ID provided by state or central government body
Proof of Address

Bank Passbook/statement
Voter’s ID
Ration Card
Leave License agreement
ICAI, ICSI, ICWAI, etc issued id with photo
Phone Bill
Electricity bill
Photo ID provided by state or central government body

How to Open a Trading Account with Angel Broking?
Here are some easy steps to open a Trading Account with Angel Broking:

Compare the services and brokerage rates then choose the best out of them for opening a trading account
Select the best one that suits your needs
Fill the form with necessary KYC documents
After the verification, you will receive your trading account details
Now you can trade happily and easily.
Using Demat and Trading accounts for trading
When Investor wants to Buy: With the help of your trading account you can place buy orders. The order will get processed and the shares you placed the order to buy will be credited into your Demat account.
When Investor wants to Sell: You can sell any shares of any quantity from your trading account and it will reflect the debit entry in your Demat account.
The trading takes place both online and on-call whichever you prefer. It is advisable to link both the accounts that are Demat and trading account. Additionally, keep both accounts under the same firm to avoid bringing additional stakeholders.
To sum it all up you need to pay attention to each of the steps while you start the process of opening an account with Angel Broking. You should open both Demat and Trading Account with Angel Broking which will be better than having accounts with different firms. Moreover, you need to link your Demat and trading account for easy flow of the process. You need to check the charges that they levy on their website and update your correct data. It is a great practice if you add a nominee that will remove many hassles of the future. In the end, open your account and enjoy the perks provided by Angel Broking.

Can Mobile App Notifications Replace Cancellation Notices?

P&C insurers are required to notify policyholders when their policies are cancelled for any reason. If they do not, and a former policyholder’s claim is rejected, they can be sued for damages well in excess of the claim. To protect themselves, many insurers maintain various kinds of evidence that Cancellation Notices were sent.

One compelling piece of Cancellation Notification evidence could be mobile app notifications sent directly to a canceled policyholder’s phone. The mobile app notifications could include links to Cancellation Notices and could be logged for future reference, reducing doubt that the policyholder was made aware that the policy was cancelled. This evidence creates a “digital audit trail” showing the insurer has made every reasonable effort to ensure that policyholders are notified of cancellation.

While a mobile app notification will not replace a government mandated, mailed Cancellation Notice in most states, Insurers can help to reduce the frequency and cost to litigate “bad faith” cancellation lawsuits by adding mobile notifications to their policyholder communication channels. Notification Management is one of the valuable benefits of a robust mobile policy services app. The low cost of a mobile app is typically far less than the high cost of a single judgement against the insurer.

Axis Direct Review (Demat account, charges)

Axis Securities Ltd was incorporated in the year 2005, which is part of Axis Bank. Axis Securities is a broker that provides full-service facilities by offering financial products for retail customers through Axis Direct which also provides stockbroking services. Additionally, Axis Direct is one of the leading stock brokers in India with more than 4.2 lakhs of active customers. Moreover, Axis Direct offers investment in financial products like:

Company Fixed Deposits
Mutual Funds
Derivatives etc
Axis Direct Account Opening Charges


Demat Account AMC

Rs.650 per year

(Note: The first year is free of charge)

Demat Account Opening Charges


3-in-1 Account Opening Charges


Axis Direct Brokerage Charges


Equity Options

Intraday: Rs.0.01 / lot

Carry Forward: Rs.10 / lot

Equity Intraday

0.05% (for each leg)

Equity Delivery

0.05% (for each leg)

Equity Futures

0.05% (for each leg)

Currency Options

Intraday: Rs.0.01 / lot

Carry Forward: Rs.10 / lot

Currency Futures

0.05% (for each leg)

Commodity Futures

0.03% (for each leg)

Commodity Options

Rs.50 per lot

Hidden Fees

Axis Direct Minimum Brokerage

Rs.20 / trade

Brokerage Plan Modification Charge

Rs.500 / quarter

Call & Trade Service

Rs.20 / call

Payment gateway charges

(This is for Non-Axis bank Customers)

Rs. 9 per transfer

Axis Direct Trading Taxes



Equity Delivery

0.1% on buy and sell-side

Equity Intraday

0.025% on the sell-side only

Equity Futures

0.01% on the sell-side

Equity Options

0.05% on the sell-side (on Premium)

On Exercise Transaction


Commodity Futures

0.05% on the sell side

Commodity Options

0.05% on sell-side

Right to entitlement

0.05% on the sell-side

Currency F&O


Other Taxes


18% (SEBI fee+ Transaction Charge+ brokerage)

Stamp Duty

On the buy side-

Delivery: 0.0015%

Currency F&O: 0.0001%

Equity Futures: 0.002%

Equity Options: 0.003%

Commodity Options: 0.003% (MXC)

Commodity Futures: 0.002%

SEBI Charges

0.00005% (Rs.5 per crore)

Axis Direct Demat Account
Axis Demat Account has the following key features that make it attractive:

Auto credit of the dividends
Easy to convert the physical holding you have into the electronic form
Easy online mode and offline mode transfers
Seamless transactions with the help of unique facility of 3-in-1 account
Simple online and offline access to the securities you hold
Axis Direct Demat account offers depository services to retail customers at reasonable rates.

Axis Direct Demat account Opening Charges


Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC)


Demat account opening fee


Axis Direct Trading Software and Platforms

Swift Trade

Swift Trade is a light-weight trading platform that functions as a trading terminal over a web browser. It is a Java Applet-based trading platform that works smoothly and is easy to use.

Some salient features are:

Multiple market watch is possible
Shortcut keys are available for quick placement of orders
Research reports and recommendations
The dashboard and screen are customizable.

Mobile Trading

Axis Direct Mobile App enables the customers to trade in Derivatives and Equity Segments via Smart Phone. The mobile app is a great use for trading as you can take it anywhere anytime to trade. It is having enhanced mobility and easy to use interface.

Some of the key features are:

Market orders can be placed even during non-market hours
Streaming quotes in real-time
Tracking of the portfolio is possible
Customers can create various watchlists
Intraday charts are available with minute tick

Direct Trade

Direct Trade is a desktop trading platform that allows advanced features like:

Auto-refreshing order/trade/position books
Updates of market rate at higher frequency
Advanced Charting
Live streaming quotes
Quick Access to reports and order placement
Fully customizable multiple markets

Axis Direct Lite

Axis Direct Lite is a low bandwidth trading platform that is user friendly and allows customers to trade in Derivatives and Equities that works even on slower internet connection.

Advantages of Axis Direct
There are many advantages of using an Axis Direct account here are some of them:

Axis Direct provides sessions, webinars, and online tutorials that provide basic knowledge to beginners. Also, articles are provided by experts that can help users to educate themselves in a better way.
Axis Direct provides a unique 3-in-1 Account. This 3-in-1 account includes Trading Account, Demat Account, and Bank Account. The trading is seamless due to this 3-in-1 account as investing becomes very easy.
Axis Direct offers a wide variety of products under one single website.
Axis Direct provides research reports that are free of cost to its customers.
Disadvantages of Axis Direct

The one con of Axis Direct is the brokerage is high compared to stockbrokers like Zerodha.
Axis Direct Fixed Brokerage Plan Charges
Trading Equity Stock is charged 0.05% on Intraday
Opening account, maintenance of the account, and brokerage charges are relatively high.
The above-mentioned reason gives a way for launching Flat Brokerage Charges
Trading cash derivate is charged 0.05% in future as brokerage
Flat Rs.20 is charged per trade on the trading of option.
The maintenance charge for trading is charged Rs.0
The maintenance Charge of the Demat account that is required to be paid every year is Rs.70
The first year is free of cost for the maintenance Charge of the Demat account.
Axis Direct Research
As Axis Direct is a full-service broker it provides research and recommendations to its customers. The levels of segregation in research are:

Research Ideas: In this level, the segments are based on technical analysis with recommendation type that includes:

SIP Ideas
Mutual Fund Ideas
Trading Ideas
Investment Ideas

Research Reports: Here the user gets a detailed research report that includes:
Mutual Funds Reports
Trading Reports
Investment Reports
Sector & Economy Reports

DIY Research: Few tools are provided to the clients for them to do their own fundamental and technical analysis with the help of:
Technical Charting
Alert Engines
To sum it up, Axis Direct is a great choice if you are looking for a full-service broker. The detailed research and various advantages make it attractive. Also, the unique features can help you in better trading and less complicated investing journey.